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We're Inspired Works, a full-service Web Consultant, Web Design and Branding specialist based in Weston-super-Mare, Bristol.

We love what we do. We listen, we understand, we design, we build, we rejuvenate... We bring brands and the web to life!

We're a small team focused on delivering a big service, exceeding all expectations of Company Branding, Website Design, Search Optimisation and Social Media Marketing.

The strongest business will be overlooked if never found, we're working with clients big and small to ensure that never happens.

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We are a Full Service Digital and Branding Agency. Inspired Works partner with clients, to do more than add a shot of adrenaline to their appearance, we assist in building their brand, developing a leading web position, and pushing growth through ongoing website development, organic search, and social media marketing.

Our Passion


Branding & Consultancy

In a digital world providing such easy access to competitors, tired or off-trend branding will hold even the best of companies back.

Big or small, new brands or re-brands, we work with those that wish to effectively communicate the unique aspects of their company. Through cohesive imagery, content and design, we deliver the perfect branding strategy to a targeted audience.

An essential ingredient to a company's success, Inspired Works take pride in working with each client, we treat every brand with the same enthusiasm as if it were our own.

Starting with research, we understand our client's business, environment, and provide return on investment through an ongoing branding strategy that works. Read more...


Responsive Web Design

Often the first thing seen by a potential client or customer, it's essential that a website makes the right impression.

We design and build high quality, impactful websites through a comprehensive research process, understanding the goals and desires of our clients. We design, build and revise until our client is 100% satisfied with their end result.

Only responsive websites render perfectly across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. Our web-design experience includes typical website builds, CMS driven, and e-Commerce. Regardless of the size and scale of our project, all websites are produced Search Engine ready.

We are specialists across Wix, Wordpress and Webflow. It's through working with these different platforms we ensure we meet our clients project goal, in-line with their budget. Read more...


Search Engine Optimisation

A long search for the right SEO partner is incredibly daunting. We provide full consultancy and advice before our organic growth strategy begins.

Vital for online growth, organic search builds sales, reputation, and credibility in competitive markets.

Without generating natural traffic through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), companies have a constant uphill battle either building their business offline, or through ongoing Paid Search, more commonly known as PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising), an effective, but costly method more suited as a short-term strategy.

We work closely with clients, one size rarely fits all agendas, as such our SEO campaigns are bespoke to a budget and goal, consistently building natural search engine visibility across a variety of platforms. Read more...


Social Media Marketing

The majority of our clients tell us that Social Media Marketing is the most frightening part of their overall marketing strategy.

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or Linkedin, there's likely a specific platform that will maximise a brand's return on investment. It's through Inspired Works becoming invested in a clients business, idea, or strategy, that will maximise our understanding of the perfect 'avatar', and enable us to guide through the ever-changing complexities that come with the world of Social Media.

Often the most effective marketing campaigns are diverse in their approach, but for clients looking to build brand awareness, consumer/customer confidence, and understand more about their target audience, Social Media is a must have. Read more...

Together Mortgages Logo
"We're great at mortgages, but didn't know how to communicate our brand message through design. After taking the time to comprehensively understand our business, Inspired Works put a face to our name we can be proud of."

Stewart Comport
Together Mortgages
Hail Ride Logo
"Ride Hailing is a hard place to stand out in. It's with the help of Inspired Works that we now have the right branding, both online and offline, from which to jump into the marketplace."

Daniel Gregory
"The finished website exceeded my expectations, and I was also impressed with the level of support and guidance I received. I now feel confident about running my own website! I highly recommend the Inspired Works team. Thank you!"

Shioma-Lei Craythorne



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Our team is made up of a group dedicated to making the right design choices for every single client, every single day.

Meet the team

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