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Digital Marketing, Web Design, and SEO Agency in Weston-super-Mare, Bristol.



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Inspired Works is a small team of people pulling together to create a big service, and in our case teamwork makes the dream work!

Founded in 2019, Inspired Works entered the market to provide freelance digital consultancy and agency services to SME businesses predominantly in Weston-super-Mare and Bristol. Like many before us, as individual business owners, in 2017/2018 we were employing an agency for digital marketing, and they didn't deliver on promises, this opened the door to Inspired Works and the core belief that good service will make a good business.

We have established Inspired Works on the principle that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. We are not about the mass production of websites, the broken promises of ranking number 1 on Google in next to no time, we don't do bang-it-together branding. Instead we are here to provide a bespoke service, maximising value and return on investment through attention to detail, attitude, and actual digital market results.

As a business we promise to go the extra mile to support our clients, we understand that if not already, digital marketing will soon be a vital part of a businesses marketing budget, and in the most part our clients will be coming to Inspired Works as a agency for digital marketing solutions, trustworthy consultancy, and the delivery of results on investment.

We are not all about making websites look pretty (although that is included as standard). Our company is focused on helping clients who want to know how to grow their business online. We know upwards of 70% of clients are not looking for a sales person, they are looking for a trusted advisor, and at Inspired Works we don't see ourselves as selling digital services, but rather professionally helping someone to invest in their company goals through providing the right advice and expertise.

We know that nothing matters more than results from a web design project, or SEO strategy. We believe that, if done well, your website is your best salesperson. In fact, studies suggest that buyers have gone circa 84% of the way through the sales process by the time they can make contact in person. And this is from a salesperson (a website) who takes remarkably few sick days, works 24/7, 365 days per year, and never takes a vacation!

We are based in Weston-super-Mare, from here we work with clients regionally and nationally, where we help their business connect with people through consistent, uniformed, powerful branding, high-quality web design, and top rankings in organic search engines.

Inspired Works always provide a bespoke, brand centric service. We don't sell bulk packages, we professionally work with each client to achieve their current and future goals. If you have a project and wish to get started, go ahead and get in touch.

If you're not 100% sure about your project yet, no need to worry, we are always delighted to speak with new businesses and make ourselves easily available through a scheduled call, click here to arrange a strategy call and a review of your current website, should you have one.

And, if not quite ready to speak with us, at least let us assist you by reviewing your current website. We will do this by recording a video of us looking through you site for various usability, design, and Google search points worth mentioning. Just like the strategy call, it's free, but offers a ton of value. Go ahead and click here to understand more about our website review.

If not ready to have us provide some free advice on your current website, then we even try to provide advice through an Inspired Blog, we hope you enjoy your read!


Who We Are.

Ian Griffiths
Years spent as a Business Consultant and working in Digital Marketing led to Inspired Works.
Irina Griffiths
Our final eyes and helpfully critical, as the founder of Inspired Works no branding or design gets shown to the public before Irina's decisive judgment.
Tanya Sharma
A top graphic designer, educated at Delhi University. Tanya is an Adobe expert, focused on bringing design together.

Content Creators.

Grant Morrell
A creative mind, intelligent, and with a flair for writing. Grant flips seamlessly between topics and sectors.
Sandy Benny
An aspiring digital marketer, Sandy's skill set in social media and content marketing is reflected through her articulate and creative writing.
Holly Cousins
As content becomes more important for online growth, Holly brings us a wealth of expertise in social media and content creation.


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