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What is a Brand?

According to Wikipedia, it is “a name, a slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service.”

We’re going to take things a little further...Here at IW we believe a brand is an image, it’s what people see, it can turn a normally intangible business into a tangible entity. It’s an opportunity to tell the world how your business should be perceived.

Without a brand there is no face, no relationship. This is why we believe it’s important to have a brand agency like Inspired Works on side. Why us? We don’t do ‘bang-it-together’, instead we build beautiful brands.

Even the greatest business can be hidden behind poor branding. We make businesses shine through the production of accurate and compelling brand creation strategies.

We offer various levels of Brand Development, these all typically involve not only brand creation, but the design of corporate literature, sales materials, and website builds.

Our Branding services start with creating an entirely new brand based around an understanding of client’s broad desires, then range through to full blown Brand Consultancy, we take the time to sit with our client, understand needs, individual markets, niche expectations, as well as future goals, before hitting our drawing board to design in-draft and present our ideas for approval.

Brand Design is an exciting time, rebranding or new branding, we love to be involved. But this is never a service to be rushed, a brand will stick with a business that is successful or otherwise for years. Our detailed consultancy led approach ensures quality, getting it right every time.

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