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Pay Monthly Websites

For a limited time we're making high-quality websites more affordable

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Pay Monthly Websites

Want to get online, fast?

Need a website update, but not had the budget to fully commit?

Affordable Responsive Wordpress Websites from £39 per month!

We are running an outstanding, limited quantity promotion!

For a limited time only we will be providing the option of high-quality web design on a pay monthly plan.

This is totally unique for our business, typically charging a substantial one-off fee before any monthly hosting and management fees on top, as seen on our Web Design page.

Why are we doing this?

With home-based business on the rise, and the change to attitudes about the increased importance of bringing businesses online following Covid-19, the demand for affordable websites is growing fast. We are delighted to offer this promotion to first-come-first-served referred clients.

We also assume that many of the businesses we will be working with, will grow with the help of their new website, this will lead to larger sites, more services, and a better portfolio.

The link to this page is only available through our promotion, it's not on our homepage, click here and take a look. If you have the link, you honestly have been selected based on your business and/or your current website. We are specifically targeting businesses that may not have the confidence or means to heavily invest in a brand new website. We are looking to work with you, to provide you a website that's just as good as any other on the market, but without the initial expense.

No matter what industry you’re in, at prices from just £39 per month, it won’t take much of an impact made by your new web design, new message, or new Google position to generate the revenue necessary to cover the cost.

We grow businesses online, and through offering the pay monthly website plan we are able to do that with those who may have previously shied away due to the normally sizable investment.

Green homes grant website mockup
Perfect example of a pay monthly website for just £39pm
How can i get started?
All sites are bespoke, click here to apply

Grab a big web presence, without the big cost.

Will my site be future proof?

Your site will be created on WordPress. WordPress is responsible for circa 70% of all sites on the internet today, these aren't just blogging sites either, some of the worlds biggest names use WordPress, take a look at some of these big brands:
- Justin Bieber Official
- The Observer
- Reuters
- Vogue Magazine
- Sony Music

WordPress will give us the ability to make a site relatively quickly, with ease to customise, as well as the opportunity to work with you if or when you decide to invest further and drive results with Search Engine Optimisation. At this point both WordPress and Inspired Works will be on hand, ready to support your growth on Google and other Search Engines with a targeted SEO strategy clipped straight into the already constructed site.

Let's expand on 3 of the awesome features included as standard:

Friendly Greeting

The included Live-Chat feature automatically provides a friendly introduction to your site visitors.

A great way to encourage customer engagement with minimum initial commitment from them. Text chat is fast overtaking the phone call as the preferred method of first contact.

Over 90% of website visitors will never return. Weather you are informing people, selling a service, or providing solutions, your website should be a great visitor-retention machine.

With this text chat widget you can minimise the chance of your website visitor leaving you forever.

Live-chat example

Ability to chat in Mobile or Desktop

The Live-Chat widget works in both mobile and desktop modes for the potential customer (the website visitor), and the customer service representative of your business.

The messages are real time and display a notification when a visitor or indeed website representative is typing.

The chat widget is able to handle multiple conversations at once and is easily navigated.

open Live-chat example


The App included in your website has many features to forever change how you understand and respond to your audience.

It's not compulsory to be online, if taking a break, selected 'offline' a standard holding message is available to your site visitors. But once you select 'online' your app will notify you, even when your phone is locked, as soon as there is a message.

iPhone Notification Live chat

Easy SMS type responding

As soon as a notification of conversation is clicked the App transports you to your private chat room.

Here you can answer any questions put to you through your website, and communicate with a website visitor who may have otherwise not made contact.

Live-chat web design app

Monitor your site like never before

The App widget also doubles as an informative App-based website monitor.

Feeding you live information about each user that is currently on your website, their IP address, how long they have been on the website, and what page they are currently viewing.

The App will also recognise the IP address of previous users who have bought before, or signed in previously and will instead choose to display their name, making it 100 times easies to target those individuals.

Website visitors app

View the website visitors journey

View the complete journey your visitor is taking through your website. Understand how far you visitors are getting in a buying process, or browsing experience. Target areas of the website that are working, are being visited, and areas that are not.

It doesn't stop here. If you wanted to start a conversation with a visitor you can use the App in exactly the same way as if replying to their message...Only you're the first one to say hi!

Website Visitor Dashboard

Imagine a dashboard accessed through your browser that tells you how many people are currently on your site, how many visited today compared to yesterday, your most viewed pages, the number of open and closed chat sessions, the web visitors engagement, this as so much more is embedded within your site through a Pay-Monthly Inspired Works website as standard.

We are truly upping the game when it comes to affordable website design in the UK.

Complete Dashboard for Website Visitors

Automatically Updating Social Posts

Social Media is time consuming, but essential. Audience engagement and time spent on your page is driven by up-to-date content, and what better way to upload this content than through a Social Media platform you are already taking time to format, edit, and present.

Your Website can have a Social Feed added to the homepage, the feed will automatically update and best of all, it's included in the Pay-Monthly price!

Instagram feed example

Also included are 2 must-have Web Development features:

A Modern, Responsive Website

Every, single, day. We come across websites that are still not mobile or tablet friendly, in these cases the user experience is greatly harmed by a lack of design.

Upwards of 60% of users now access the web by mobile rather than desktop. A website that is responsive to different screen sizes will increase customer numbers, increase Google search ranking, increase credibility, the list can go on and on.

Responsive Website Example

Can a Non-Responsive Website affect SEO?

Absolutely! Google is incredibly clever, the world's leading search engine has over 200 factors to take into account when ranking websites, and user experience is right up there at the very top.

No-one wants pinch and zoom anymore, or perhaps never did, either way, your website needs to be responsive or you run the inevitable chance of losing potential clients, customers, or readers.

Responsive Website Comparison

Responsive Website Included

All Pay-Monthly packages from £39 per month and upwards come with a website that is responsive across different screen sizes.

Not only does this look good, but it also future-proofs the website and builds on your visitors trust of your overall brand.

Good Responsive Web Design

Initial SEO

Unfortunately, sites just don't get found by themselves. A combination of too many sites and search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo becoming more and more intelligent means that it's extremely rare, if not impossible to rank a website without some form of Search Engine Optimisation.

Each site will have initial SEO works. This means Meta Title Tags and Description Tags. We will also index the site with Google to get you noticed straight away.

Further SEO is available as an ongoing service, simply ask us for more detail.


How does the Pay Monthly pricing work?

Our Pay Monthly Web Design is priced on the amount of pages and email addresses required, as per the below:

Up to 3 pages and 3 email addresses

£39 per month

Up to 5 pages and 5 email addresses

£49 per month

Up to 10 pages and 8 email addresses

£69 per month

Up to 20 pages and 10 email addresses

£99 per month

What's included from £39pm

- Free Domain Name
- WordPress CMS
- Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Responsive
- Full Hosting
- Blog Integration
- Social Media Integration
- Contact Form Integration
- Live Chat Function
- Weekly Wordpress Updates
- SSL Certificate Security
- Google Indexing
- Initial Search Engine Page Optimisation

get started on the pay monthly
All sites are bespoke, click here to apply

Common additions:

- Additional Email Addresses
- Content Creation/Writing
- Branding, Logo & Corporate Literature
- SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
- E-Commerce Solution


What does the monthly cost include?

Everything needed to get you up and going. The monthly cost includes the hosting package, however any future changes to the site will be chargeable at an agreed hourly rate.

Will my site be optimised for search?

Yes, we will build a site that is indexed by Google, that has complete Meta title and description tags, and that has important Keyword phrasing throughout.

Will my site be responsive?

Absolutely! We see all to many sites created in 2020, but still not responding well to the different breakpoints/screen sizes seen with mobile, tablet, and desktop. We will ensure your website is beautifully put together as well as being fully responsive.

Will my website be unique?

Yes! We will build your site on a fixed template, then adjust where necessary to provide a unique canvas.

Where does the content come from?

We expect you to provide us with the content. If this is daunting there is no need to worry, we can agree a content creation strategy here, ensuring your site is appealing and represents your brand as well as you do.

Is there a live example of a simple 3 page Wordpress site I can view?

With pleasure, by clicking HERE you will be transported to a site regarding the Green Homes Grant, a perfect example of a site done by Inspired Works for the Pay Monthly Website Plan.

Is there a live example of a 5 page Wordpress site I can view?

As a 5 page WordPress website, YOUGO is among the most well optimised and structured out there. Please click HERE to view the site.

What platform will my site be listed on?

WordPress is the worlds leading platform to use with your site. A whopping 70% of the internet is created on WordPress already, so the numbers speak for themselves, and are pretty strong.

Where will my website be hosted?

We host our Paid Monthly Websites through Siteground, this company provide high-quality hosting, minimal downtime, and great security.

Will my website have SSL security?

Yes! All the websites designed by Inspired Works come on secure domains https://...

Is there a fixed length contract?

No fixed contract!

Each month is paid in advance, the first monthly payment is taken at the commencement of the project. If you no longer wish to keep the website, just let us know and we will stop the billing at the end of that complete month, with the site removed at the same time.

Do I own my website?

This is a fantastic low price introduction to the web, through which we provide a very high quality site. There is no 'upfront fees' so we must retain the site for 2 years/24 monthly payments, after which time the site and Domain is yours. We hope you will stay with Inspired Works, and benefit from a website update.

Will my Website be kept fresh?

Yes, we will redesign your site based on current web laws and ensure you have a new website for your existing business. At this point you agree the monthly charges for another 2 years.

Is my website future proof?

Absolutely, your site will be customisable, elements can be added and taken away, and additional SEO services can be included where required.

What if I have additional questions?

No problem, drop us an email by clicking here, or call us on 01934 660195.

We Build Online


"The finished website exceeded my expectations, and I was also impressed with the level of support and guidance I received. I now feel confident about running my own website! I highly recommend the Inspired Works team. Thank you!"

Shioma-Lei Craythorne

5-star customer rating

"We're great at mortgages, but didn't know how to communicate our brand message through design. After taking the time to comprehensively understand our business, Inspired Works put a face to our name we can be proud of."

Stewart Comport
Together Mortgages

5-star customer rating

"Thanks again for the great job you have done with our website and brochure. I feel it gives us a very professional presence online and the brochure is great to pass to prospective clients. You did a great job for us"

Tim Parslow
Rubix Probate

5-star customer rating

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