How important is video content to website visitors and SEO?

September 12, 2020
Sandy Benny
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What impact can video content have on a website, an audience, search results, and conversion rate in 2020.

Now more than ever before, content and what makes that content will impact business trust, conversions, and customers.

The impact video content will have on your web design, for your website visitors and maximimum search engine position.

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We live in a digital, ever-changing space saturated with countless startups, innovative products and interactive services where every brand is trying to capitalise on the ‘next big thing’ to generate leads and stay relevant.

How can we use marketing to stand out and attract consumer attention?

The Age of Video

It's shown that website visitors retain 95% of a message when watched, as opposed to 10% when it is read.

A study done by Hubspot found that 54% of consumers prefer video content than any other format of content which predicts that by 2022 video content will dominate the digital web. This means that the brands who parallel their marketing strategy with the video medium will lead the digital wave for consumer attention, catalysing high website traffic and ROI to their company.

What makes one brand more engaging to their audience than other brands is their ability to portray an authentic brand image, something that many brands continue to struggle with, consumers in today’s world are searching for transparency, authenticity and personalisation. These three elements have proven to stimulate high engagement rates within a specific target audience and nurture leads. Ultimately, it is about the strength of the connection between B2C or B2B that defines the success of a brand and their website search engine ranking.

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Video Content is Key

The affluence of video content is dependent on the types of video which diversify from each other strongly.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool in the modern world where different social platforms appeal to various audience ranges. By sharing video content with creative and visionary graphic design it can stimulate social sharing, which brings interested clientele to your website, transforming potential leads to loyal customers.

The average conversion rate for websites that use video is 4.8%, compare that to the 2.9% for websites that don't.

YouTube is the biggest video-based social platform and parallels as a ‘video search engine’ in itself. Establishing your own channel space that surrounds the values and visions of your brand image can enhance search engine results as Google owns YouTube and works in favour of it, giving YouTube videos preference over video content from other platforms.

Additionally, to optimise search engine positions of brands, the use of video in your brand’s website space can improve the rankings obtained and justified through the algorithm by identifying organic keywords, designs, links and formatting elements within the video.

This encompasses the use of video background within the homepage of your website, which emits a modern style that appeals to audience consumption as well as using video content to give a multi-dimensional approach of spotlighting the use and aesthetic of a product or service. Through the use of video content you can build consumer trust, which will connect the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of building the foundations of a brand with the positive effect it can then have on the consumer  influencing their decision-making process.

Having video embedded to a landing page makes it over 50% more likely that the website will appear on page 1 of Google.

In this digital space of quick and easy clicks, your brand’s website experience plays an important role in consumer attention, bounce rate is an important term in SEO these days, and ultimately a low bounce is linked to holding a consumer's attention. If a web design is too complex, making it too difficult to find certain information, this can have a negative impact on the consumer decision-making process. Websites that rank top on search engine results are those that streamline a smooth approach to website user experience, mapping out their journey through the website and achieving high engagement momentum through the use of authentic video content at the core of their website page, keeping visitors on the website for longer and therefore reducing the all-important bounce rate.

The power of video

Video increases traffic to a website from organic search by an incredible 157%

The distribution of video is dependent on a brand’s ability to make it highly shareable within their page, driving traffic from a range of digital sources. Extending beyond the foundations of text and images to responsive and interactive video content is no doubt an effective marketing strategy that impacts web rankings. However, there is a misunderstanding that video content within a brand’s website page is distracting potential leads, rather than driving leads to the main objective of the brand which is not correct. This is because video can incorporate prominent aspects of SEO through highlighting keywords, visuals and brand logo & slogan, ingraining the brand identity into the consumer’s mind as a point of interest.

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In a competitive digital space where in 2020 around 81% are using some format of video content to attract their target audience, brands that don't apply this to their digital presence will be missing the positive impact that video has on the digital sphere, and will continue to miss out on the breadth of reach that video content has the potential to stimulate.

Video is a dominant player in content creation because of its ability to not only be results-driven but enforce a personal and authentic approach highlighting the originality of a brand. In this modern age, brands need to be dynamic and video content can do that effectively.

Inspired Works specifically target high-conversion web development techniques, and the rapidly growing importance of video content is a powerful part of that strategy.

Social video is shared 12 x more than written or image content.

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Sandy Benny

Sandy Benny

An aspiring digital marketer, Sandy's skill set in social media and content marketing is reflected through her articulate and creative writing.

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