How to correctly structure a blog post for SEO, and why.

October 8, 2020
Grant Morrell
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The blogging world used to be the domain of aspiring writers, but in 2020, a well-constructed blog forms an essential part of a fully-specced SEO blueprint.

1.7 billion - that’s the number of websites which are currently in existence. Your business’s webpage has a lot of competition when it comes to internet traffic. Most business owners are aware of this and employ some sort of SEO strategy as a means of driving visitors to their website rather than a competitor’s. I have no doubt that you’re one of them. And that’s great; you’ve likely ensured that your keywords are relevant and your pages are optimised for search engines. Well here’s another number for you: 656,000 - that’s the number of search results I just returned from googling “holidays to outer Mongolia”. So, even in what one might consider to be an extremely niche market, your website is likely fighting a losing battle to get to the top of the page. That’s where blog posts come in, as mentioned in the very first Inspired Works blog post. 


656,000 - that’s the number of search results I just returned from googling “holidays to outer Mongolia”.

outer mongolia horse rider

The blogging world used to be the domain of aspiring writers, but in 2020, a well-constructed blog forms an essential part of a fully-specced SEO blueprint. A well-constructed blog will broaden the effectiveness of your SEO game plan in a number of ways: blogs are an easy way to keep your website fresh and current - nobody likes visiting a site that hasn’t been updated for months; they keep people on your page for longer - Google will potentially downgrade a website if visitors only stay for a short time; you can use long-tail keywords with a flourish, as opposed to trying to shoe horn them in to your product pages; you can link internally with ease; and you can relate back to your social media accounts without those links looking out of place. 


So, how can you write a blog that expands your customer-reach as opposed to simply being a nice read? 

Structure & Format  

writing a blog

  • Use an interesting and catchy title but one that describes the content of the blog
  • Use heading tags to avoid your post looking like a sea of text 
  • Feature both internal and external links
  • Upload photos and give them titles, but ensure the file size is moderate - 40% of visitors will leave a page if they’re waiting more than 3 seconds for it to fully load 
  • Conclude with a compelling call-to-action (CTA) in order to maximise the chances of a return visit 
  • Use strong, relevant keywords within all of the above elements of your blog




Naturally, you are going to be the final authority on relevant and informative content, and your post should be as natural and readable as possible, but there are ways of making it SEO-friendly. Keywords are paramount and that includes secondary keywords - they’ll help you channel the direction of your writing and show Google that you’re not just repeating keywords, you're actually covering an entire topic. Get them into each section where possible. 


Focus on your audience and what they're there to read about. Your business is set up to provide them with what they want, be that a product or a service, so convey that you know what that is and demonstrate your expertise. 


Concentrate on one topic wherever possible - a raft of different subjects will make it difficult for any of them to rank


If appropriate, do your best to include content that doesn’t already appear in the highest-ranked SERPS. 


Lastly, inject your own character and humour into the post; first and foremost, this is a post for your customers not an “algorithm hitter”. I’ve actually been looking into trips to Mongolia which is why I used that particular search term at the start of this piece. Allow your customers to get to know you. If you sell sports equipment and you play that sport, consumers will want to hear about it.   


Tips & Tricks


Tips and Tricks Post-it

You should have a pretty good understanding of SEO blogging by now, but there are a few extra things you can do to try and stand out from the pack. 


You’ll notice that I used a bullet-pointed list for one of the sections above, and this was deliberate. I did it to increase the chances of my post becoming a Featured Snippet. You may have seen these; they are the short bits of text that appear right above the first search result in Google. They are designed to give an immediate answer to a user’s question and Google likes to add them as bullet-pointed lists, hence my formatting. It's also been reported that Google will be displaying two featured snippets per search in the near future, so this is clearly a area to target.


Add a meta title to your post. Technically, this is the title of a HTML document that is displayed in a search engine’s results field. In practice, it is a brief synopsis of what you’ll find within a webpage. It can increase Click-Through-Rate (CTR) which many experts believe is a direct ranking factor. 


You’re all set - get blogging and let me know how you get on! 


Thanks for reading, let us know what you think...


Grant Morrell

Grant Morrell

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