Responsive Web Design - Why should you care about it?

July 12, 2020
Ian Griffiths
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In this article, we want to summarise the advantages of responsive web design by highlighting its four core benefits.

Responsive Web Design - Why is it important and why you should care about it?

"Web development is intrinsically linked to SEO, the web design process is full of best practices, and the responsive capabilities of a website have become a major Google ranking factor. At Inspired Works we only build responsive websites, this is our standard practice, essential for business owners in the 21st century." - Ian Griffiths


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Perhaps you have a website selling services, a memberships site, a website using a Content Management System (CMS) or even an eCommerce store, whatever it may be, it’s important to understand the necessity of a well-designed and developed website. What is more, not only should you own a website that looks good, but you also prioritise the care you put into its usability.

Responsive web design is one of the most important essentials of a well-functioning website, if you consider outsourcing web design and development please make sure that you hire an agency that takes special care of responsiveness, this is ultimately the building of websites that adapt over breakpoints, these breakpoints can be desktop to iPad, or web design across laptops and mobile phones.

In this article, we want to summarise the advantages of responsive web design by highlighting its four core benefits:

1.) Responsive websites are user friendly

2.) Websites with responsive design sell better

3.) Reduce Bounce Rate

4.) Responsive web design is crucial to SEO


Responsive websites are user-friendly

To begin with, responsive web design is the approach that encourages websites through their design and development to respond to the user’s behaviour. But what does it really mean?

Imagine that you had checked a website on your mobile, then your desktop. If the website was well-constructed, had a responsive design, then you were able to navigate with ease on both mobile and desktop formats without feeling lost, confused, or undervalued. What is more, because you could use the site easily you had a great user experience and you will likely visit the website or use its services again in the future.

Responsive websites sell better

Nowadays increasing amounts of people search using their mobile rather than any other device, this is to the point where some reports suggest upwards of 60% of Internet traffic is now through phone access. Furthermore, many people use only their mobile phones for buying products, for sure, the ease of use certainly can save time. Additionally, they also find the purchasing process far easier on mobile. In conclusion, if you have a website that is available and works well on all devices, you have a higher chance that people will find you online and buy from you.

Reduce bounce rate

Surely, we’ve all been there, the website that loads on a phone, but only to require pinch and zoom for navigation, shows ludicrously small font, and is impossible to navigate. If you are anything like me, then you will be all too familiar with an immediate dismissal, closing that site down and traveling directly to their more mobile friendly competition.

This immediate exit not only cost a valuable site visitor, but for many sites it’s likely cost a sale. Not only this, Google checks bounce rates, and if the bounce percentage of that particular website just increased because of its inefficiencies, then Google is likely to rank it lower…Proving just how essential a high-quality responsive website really is.

Responsive web design is crucial in SEO

Have you ever heard about mobile-first indexing? It is one of the main factors that Google considers when it indexes your website. This means that Google predominantly uses the mobile version of your content for indexing.

From 2019, mobile-first indexing became the default indexing method for all new websites and Google continue to monitor all the existing pages and evaluate them based on their best practices.

What does it mean and why you should care about this? The answer is easy, if you don’t have a website that works well on all devices, you will get a lower index score from Google, this ultimately leads to not ranking as high as expected, this is basic fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation. Make sure that your website is responsive and mobile-friendly and if it is not, consult your SEO expert or your web developer.

Responsive web pages

Finally, you can see that responsive web design is one of the core elements of an amazing website. If you want to have as many visitors as, or sell as many products online as possible through your webpage, make sure that you hire a web agency that takes special care of responsive web design.

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Ian Griffiths

Ian Griffiths

Years spent in Sales, Business Consultancy, and Digital Marketing led to the founding of Inspired Works.

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