BDD&ME - Community Website

The final BDD&ME site can be viewed here

A feature-rich site to build an incredibly important community.

" The finished website exceeded my expectations, and I was also impressed with the level of support and guidance I received. I now feel confident about running my own website! I highly recommend the Inspired Works team. Thank you! "
Founder, BDD&ME

In February 2020, we at IW were delighted to be given the go-ahead to work with BDD&ME.

This new forum site specifically came from research into Body Dysmorphic Disorder, the identification that the condition and the support available was an area of the internet desperately under serviced, the need for a BDD Forum was clear.

BDD&ME is an online peer support community for people living with Body Dysmorphia, their families, carers and anyone who wishes to learn more about BDD. It is a website using a Content Management System (CMS) to enable is updates as and when required.

Responsive Web Design Image

How we managed the website design and build process.

As always, the Inspired Works team started by understanding the requirements of our client, from why the site is being created, the story behind the idea, the budget, through to the technicalities of what features are a must, even down to colour preferences. In this particular case our client was located in a different city, our conversations/communications took place by phone and email.

Understanding what needed to be done, we took 48 hours to deliver a recommendation and full proposal on how we plan to deliver for BDD&ME.

We had certain challenges to overcome, none more so than fitting a comprehensive feature rich site into a tight budget for a non-profit making organisation.

Features including a resource centre, blog, events calendar, and membership forum were all required. Our client wanted the ability to edit the site following completion, and had requested something editor friendly. Also, due to the sensitivity of the sites user traffic, security was a primary concern not to be overlooked.

Taking all our clients requirements into account, we settled on designing a mobile and desktop responsive website through the popular Wix platform. Wix had several key factors going for it, ease of use following handover is one key reason to fire up the Wix window, but the security provided on self-hosting websites is far greater than others, the features such as blogs and forums are all Wix designed, guaranteeing quality, but also saving development time and of course budget.

The first couple of weeks involved our client's development of site content, leading in to just over one week of site building by IW. In the meantime, we took our clients sketched Logo design (which we loved), put it in front of our Graphic Design extraordinaire, Tanya, and requested a fully digital logo version for the site and future commercial print. We adore the final result.

BDD & ME Logo

As often the case, following our draft website design, our client-consult brings a number of changes, our initial naivety with the BDD condition meant a few changes to imagery and wording were first on the agenda, but the structure and site appearance fortunately rocked.

All in all, a complete branding discussion, proposal, graphic design, and website build took a little under a month, and we are totally delighted our client likes the final result.