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The Completed E-Scooter.Life site can be seen by CLICKING HERE

With the Government's upcoming review of legislation behind Electric Scooters on Britain’s roads coming ever closer, E-Scooter.Life wanted to push their new brand and product out to the UK market.

A start-up business, E-Scooter.Life required an entirely new website built through the platform they are most comfortable handling e-commerce orders within. WordPress is a popular choice for business owners looking to maximise sales online through their e-commerce website, and integrates perfectly with a variety of payment portals such as PayPal and Stripe.

Inspired Works took 3 weeks to design and build the businesses Logo, Website, Product Catalogue, and SEO strategy.

E-Scooter.Life Logo


“We would like a fresh uncomplicated logo”.

E-Scooter.Life isn’t about being flashy, it’s about a quality product sourced and sold to the UK buyer at an incredible price. The company therefore needed something simple and clear. We searched a wide range of font libraries before falling on the chosen Logo and Font Family design seen today.


The client is familiar with the Wordpress CMS, as such a Wordpress site was a ‘must have’. We selected the popular and fast loading Ocean WP theme to build on, giving us the foundations of a site that will host a fluctuating product number and visitor demand.

The WordPress Content Management System
The WordPress Content Management System

As a brand new E-Commerce store in a super competitive market space, E-Scooter.Life has been designed to be impactful through imagery and font, whilst also demonstrating purchase proof and credibility for buyers.

A selection of relevant and compelling stock photos were sourced, the logo font family was followed through in the design, and importantly sections including ‘Reasons to buy through E-Scooter.Life’ and ‘Customer Reviews’ were given priority above all else.

As the site launches, E-Scooter.Life is fully customisable by the client, the CMS will enable seamless input of new products or removal of old, the Inventory Management API will ensure the website never sells a product without holding the stock, and payment options include Credit Card and PayPal according to customer preference.

Mockup of the E-Scooter.Life Responsive Website
A truly responsive e-commerce website

We were delighted to be part of this start-up venture’s journey. During COVID-19 many entrepreneurs are looking for additional income streams or new business growth, in the case of E-Scooter.Life we continue to be part of this journey through building the company’s SEO, target Keyword presence and the initial Social Media strategy.