HAIL - Taxi Application

HAIL - Together we build a beautiful brand.

A start-up business with big ambitions in the world of instant Ride-Hailing, HAIL is an app based provider of Taxi journeys in areas less covered by the global taxi apps such as Uber, Ola, Bolt and so on.

Working with Start-up businesses allow us to get in at the ground level, help really understand what our client is looking to achieve with their business and build on their vision.

Wanting a "no fuss, easily recognised" logo was essential for the company, with something complex or bland, the company would struggle to be impactful in the short space of time they imagine potential ride users of the future seeing there 'side of car' advertising.

We love this logo, this brand, and our clients do to.

"Ride Hailing is a hard place to stand out in. It's with the help of Inspired Works that we now have the right branding, both online and offline, from which to jump into the marketplace."

‍Daniel Gregory