Hair2Love - by Irina - E-Commerce Beauty

Hair2Love is a new website for a new business, CLICK HERE to see it.

The Challenge


How can this small business start-up make a big impact in a competitive marketplace? Hair2Love sell high-quality hair extensions, these hair extensions are sourced in Eastern Europe, more precisely Russia and the Ukraine, before being sold into the UK hair and beauty environment.

The initial target customers for Hair2Love are end consumers, before eventually building relationships with both the hair extension professional and the existing private customer base.


A new entrant into the market, Inspired Works needed to complete new content, design a brand, and build a new website using the WordPress platform. A content management system (CMS) had to be available to adjust products, imagery, descriptions, offers, and more.


The web design would have to illustrate a unique selling point (USP) for and generate traffic through organic search engine optimisation.

Logo Design of Hair2Love


How did we do it?


1.     The Web Design.

Hair2Love has been established because of passion for this industry brought forward by the founder, our very own Irina. Hair is a real love for Irina, she knows plenty about extensions, their origins, how to care for the hair, and importantly can empathise with hair extension buyers.


Irina has tried to source high-quality Remy hair extensions within the UK for many years, although marketed as "the very best", typically the hair has been of disappointing quality, leading Irina to establish her own supply chain, good enough to literally put her name on.


Conducting initial market research we discovered one thing seemingly missing from the hair extension supplier market. This was a company taking a personal approach, by which we mean from the individual founder. Something we thought we could take full advantage of.


We took this as an opportunity, we built the site to clarify the reason for quality through explaining the back story of Irina's struggle to find the best product. Through this personal approach we aim to build trust and credibility. We focused on the 'About Irina', and 'personal matching service' sections, only then have we presented the product.


It is worth admitting that we believe this is a good way to build loyalty, however, not the best way to maximise E-Commerce sales. Once the brand has been built we expect to flip this in reverse by ensuring the products sit front and centre.


Building the personal touch is linked to a Social Media strategy and minimising buyer fall through rate/cart abandonment.


To illustrate the quality of the hair, we did a simple, clean line, Black and White theme, with high-quality, purchased font.

Beautiful Mockup Hair2Love Website Design

2.     Content

Content is King! Google says it and Google means it. We’ve plastered the home page with good quality, informative, and keyword rich content. Using content to ensure Hair2Love covers topics that run highest in search results, but also those easiest to obtain, we hope to increase search engine results page (SERP) natural clicks.


3.     Social Media Marketing (SMM)

A big part of Hair2Love’s strategy moving forward is to capture a social audience. Facebook and Instagram will form an integral part of the marketing process. Share options throughout the site, links to the social pages, and the integration of a combined social feed was essential to drive this message.

Instagram mock-up Hair2Love


4.     Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The web address/domain came to Inspired Works as a zero-rated authority. We have formulated a link building strategy to build on external SEO (more information on link building and our own SEO strategy can be read here), we will combine this with an off-page SEO approach to generating traffic from Social Media.


Concerning On-Page SEO. The initial build, user interface, and user experience is currently more of a focus than the site speed metrics. Driving search results through user interaction with the site will help Google see the zero-rated domain as a credible source for information, this user interaction will be driven by a consistent blog and video content.  


We conducted keyword research and identified keywords with high-traffic and low competition. Although there are many more established sites within this niche, Hair2Love will gain traction on search through confidently picking up the low hanging fruit other SEO strategies haven’t adjusted to target, before then building site authority and going for the big traffic search queries.


5.     Integrations

The website will be integrated with:

- Facebook Feed

- Instagram Feed

- Social Share Widgets

- Built-in Facebook Messenger

- WooCommerce, E-Commerce platform

- Stripe integration for Credit Cards

- Klarna Payments for buy now – pay later

- Heatmap and Analytic programs to assist organic development