Together Mortgages - Bristol based Mortgage Advisor

Beautiful Design comes through understanding a business and the company's objectives.

Approached by a family start-up, Inspired Works we are proud to have been part of the Together Mortgages first entrance into the commercial world.

The company is a father and son business specialising in the expert provision of Mortgages, Equity Release and other regulated products.

"We're great at mortgages, but didn't know how to communicate our brand message through design. After taking the time to comprehensively understand our business, Inspired Works put a face to our name we can be proud of."

Stewart Comport
Together Mortgages

Wanting to create a Logo, Develop a Brand, Build a Website, and Design Company Stationery, IW were set to understand the business inside and out through a comprehensive discussion and questionnaire covering all aspects of the shareholders preference in appearance, and desired brand message.

Letterhead Design Together Mortgages

Key shareholder preferences included:

  • A Logo Design "incorporating a strong structure standing above the company name. A clean, corporate appearance, demonstrating our market expertise".
  • A Web Design solution "the website should build confidence in a professional, yet family run business".
  • We understood Keyword preference and the company's target audience to build on expert SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  • Business and Corporate Stationery was built to reflect and continue the brand message. Typography, Imagery and Design kept uniformity across business card creation and company letterhead design.
Mock-up of the Together Mortgages website

Change as the project evolved:

  • The project briefing provided us lot at IW with a certain amount of flexibility as we progressed through to completion. The most notable of changes was to work around the initial request to include local landmarks as the core company imagery. Following our research of this particular sector we noted circa 85% of local competitors displayed the same picture (the Clifton Suspension Bridge). To break away from the mould, to become different and more relevant, we went with a clean, colourful image strategy, relevant to property purchasing as opposed to local landmarks.