Winning in Branding with YOUGO Taxi

YOUGO Taxi - Welcome to the market

YOUGO is an innovative taxi app / ride hailing provider based in South West, UK. Launched in Taunton, Somerset in 2019, Yougo have since expanded into Exeter, with a view to provide solutions to riders in North Somerset, Taunton, Gloucester, Cheltenham and Exeter within 2020.

A modern logo, brand, and uniformed marketing materials to open a new market and build the company's first impression.

Complete brand creation from initial draft, to full market integration.

The first elements of creating a brand are often the most exciting, Yougo wanted clear imagery, but wanted to keep the design unique from the typical taxi sector approach. The target was set, build a clear logo, brand, and marketing pack that screamed Taxi & App, without literally spelling it out.


Our Final Logo

Clear design, 2D format, including the Taxi to represent the service, as well as the Pin to link the logo to a map led mobile or tablet application.

We added a splash of colour to the Pin, this gave us the opportunity to help the brand stand out, but also push the 'Green' side to the businesses corporate 'Plant a Tree' concept.


The best way to get word around.

Simply adding the Google Play and App Store Logos enabled us to build a campaign that fits within the description and guidelines of all Local Authorities.


Building customer engagement through an animated Logo development project.

We wanted to push the application through a short GIF, an animated logo to use in Social Media.

We purposely did not included people, deciding in favour of a cleaner and less cluttered approach. The different colour Pins relate to Yougo's future concept of colours representing services, and the combining of those Pins into one Taxi represents a driver of many passengers.


An offline campaign to capture local residents.

Over 1000 flyers have been distributed across Taunton homes. The concepts shown include a branded pairing, keeping uniformity in design across Flyers to Passengers and Flyers to Drivers.