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There is a higher number of websites, internet traffic, and displayed Google Ad's than ever before. This all means an incredibly competitive online market, no matter your niche.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is the process we must go through to increase relevant internet traffic to a website from free/unpaid search engine results.

Which Search Engine should be focused on?

All of them! As of June 2020 Google held 87% of UK traffic across all browsing devices, Bing 9%, Yahoo 2%, and the search engine that is rapidly increasing in popularity DuckDuckGo accounted for just under 1%.

The reality is, Google continues to be strides ahead of the rest of the market, having developed complex algorithms that are far superior in presenting relevant search results, Google has even been increasing in popularity since a brief fall in 2016.

Because of Google's advanced search capabilities, as well as the vast market share, search engine optimisers like us at Inspired Works focus our attention mostly on their software, it's widely thought that if Google rate a site highly, the others will follow.

This said, when it comes to local SEO, every search engine should receive its own share of attention to drive the local search volumes.

Want to increase website traffic through SEO?

Google has over 200 ranking factors to consider when looking to fully optimise a website. The list is long and exhaustive, it includes everything from factors inside the sites domain, on-page optimisation such as keywords, content, and load speed, then off-page SEO such as backlinks and their authority. All factors exist to help Google perform well for its users, and makes for a challenging environment to any SEO company.

Inspired Works devote ourselves to SEO practices:

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What's happening on-page? We will initially check all factors that affect your rank such as:

- Title Meta Tags
- H1 Tags
- Content readability
- Content length and keyword prominence
- Page load speed
- Image optimisation
- Responsive web-design
- Any duplicated content
- Refresh old, tired content
- Check internal links within the site

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Although nowhere near as important as they once were, keyword placement, choice, and structure is still an absolutely essential part of formatting a website to achieve maximum organic results through search engines.

Is the website currently ranking for the optimal keywords? Any keywords? Have long-tail keywords been considered?

We review and build:
- Keyword over or under use
- Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)
- Long-tail keyword strategies
- Competitor keyword assessment
- Check page rank keyword difficulty

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Search engines are treating content as king. Gone are the days of cramming keywords into a poorly formatted article. Site owners now need to construct well written pages that provide specific answers or information related to the Search Engine user's particular query. And as for those keywords, they remain important, but not by themselves.

We target latent semantic indexing keywords (LSI), Google have announced the importance LSI in their ongoing quest to build relevant results from high quality SEO content for searchers 100% of the time.

In brief LSI is a way for site optimisers to help Google quickly identify what a site's content is talking about by using associated words in and around the main keyword focus.

Content without keyword cramming can mean long-tail works best. If a website is focused on "Cheap Laptops" for example, it may be better to identify what long-tail keywords are being regularly searched for before targeting "buy cheap laptops from a store in Bristol", for example.

Long-tail keywords strategies should only ever be focused on following in-depth research in to search volumes and user appetite.

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A huge SEO factor. Off-page SEO cannot be ignored by any organisation or individual looking for first page rankings. Inspired Works actively push link building out-reach and strategies according to budget, targeting a steady growth in domain authority and of course, search engine rankings.

Just some of what we strategise:
- Linking domain age
- Linking website's domain authority
- Domain extension factors
- Location within content
- Mix of anchor types
- Relevance of linking content
- Relevance of linking website
- Bad link removal

The above and more help form an essential part of our ongoing SEO development through backlink optimisation.

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Ongoing SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation is a process, not a product. Many companies who refer to themselves as SEO specialists will promise "first-page Google rankings in the first month". However the harsh truth is that this cannot be guaranteed, and it's getting more and more complex to rank sites without effective SEO strategies in place.

We ensure our clients build on fast growth through SEO by constructing well made websites with quality coding at their heart, by building consistent content that targets well-researched and ever-changing keywords, and we don't ever stop build high domain authority through backlink outreach each month, creating blog articles, acquiring and monitoring local citations, optimising Google My Business, as well as regularly posting on GMB to develop trust and reputation.

We guarantee that each client is treated as an individual, each client has our time, our expertise, and our ambition to help them grow.

If you are interested in generating better results through Search Engine Optimisation we would love to hear from you.

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