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Multi-platform across a social world.

It’s reported that 90% of businesses use Social Media!

Actually, this sweeping statement varies by region, sector, target audience, but it’s a pretty safe bet that if you’re reading this, you’re either social, or need to be, so read on...

Our clients invest in Web Design, in Branding, in SEO, the businesses we work with have taken the leap to build their identity, message, and credibility, so where better to shout a loud than Social Media?

We consult with a wide variety of businesses, from niche to mass market, from sector to sector, target demographic to demographic, from location to….location, we consult, understand and plan a Social Media goal.

Social Media is the most simple, and yet the most complex of services offered through Inspired Works. The familiarity many have with sites such as Facebook or Instagram ensures understanding of concept, yet behind every platform sits a backdoor into the inner workings, and it’s full of complexities.

Ad spend through any of the major platforms, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Linkedin, can quickly hit thousands of pounds with little return on investment, it’s through the ill-prepared that these sites can make huge revenues without over burdening real target audiences. With a full understanding of how these platforms work however, Facebook, Instagram and the rest, can be a devastatingly impactful way to spend your budget.

We have undergone major training in the art of maximising results on Social Media platforms, we look after our clients, and understand that it’s only through successfully executing social advertising strategies that we will grow our, and our client's business.

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