Ian Griffiths

Creative Director

Years spent as a Business Consultant, and a passion for design led to Inspired Works.

A passion for design, a love of Corporate Branding and all things business. The Creative Director of Inspired Works brings years of experience professionally consulting on behalf of businesses ranging from Retail and Leisure, through to big business in Financial Services and Software.

Business experience across transport, coaching, consultancy and media design make a team member with real empathy for clients. Only the very best level of service will be offered through Inspired Works...Period.

"I'm married to Irina (our Design Director), we have two great kids, Spencer is our crazy boy, he's 2 years old, Evelina is our sweet and innocent 4 year old girl. Hobby wise, if I get time I'm either with the family, in the gym, or dangerously attempting to kitesurf. I'm a workaholic, spend far too much time on the laptop, but enjoy every minute of design".