Irina Griffiths

Founder and Design Director

Our final eyes and helpfully critical, as the founder of Inspired Works no branding or design gets shown to the public before Irina's decisive judgment.

Coming from St Petersburg in Russia, Irina has been in the UK since 2011. Having brought experience from marketing positions in St Petersburg and Moscow based Industrial and Real Estate sectors, Irina has since worked across retail, leisure and real estate industries in the UK.

Her discerning eye puts Irina top of the tree when it comes to Inspired Works quality assurance. If the design doesn't fit the brand, or if there is a bit of website padding here, but no there, we know about it.

Married to our Creative Director, Ian Griffiths, Irina also has two awesome kids, 4 year old Evelina and 2 year old Spencer. Irina was working within the Estate Agency and Transportation sectors before taking maternity leave in 2016, she now finds herself back in the world of quality marketing with Inspired Works since 2019.

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