Responsive Website Design

Inspired Works comes through being a dedicated Web Design Agency


Website Design is at the heart of what we do...



"The finished website exceeded my expectations, and I was also impressed with the level of support and guidance I received. I now feel confident about running my own website! I highly recommend the Inspired Works team. Thank you!"

Shioma-Lei Craythorne - Founder of BDD&ME

We build outstanding Websites, designed to get found and generate real business growth.

Since the early noughties, websites have been the shop window of so many businesses. Our clients have clients, and often, those clients need trust before purchase, agreement, framework, whatever it may be… A website builds credibility.

The world is online, never have so many turned to the web for information, purchases, solutions, ‘ahem’ love... We build websites, and we build them right. Not only do we care about web design from the perspective of our client, we also concentrate on website usability for our client’s client, this means responsive design across multiple platforms including desktop, tablet and mobile. Afterall, a whopping 60% of website traffic is now mobile, it’s hugely important for any company to react on this, and we’d be delighted to help.

We’re proud, very proud, to do it right.

With a comprehensive understanding of web design, we truly do Inspired Works. It’s those works that we do through design platforms relevant to our client, not just to us. With specialist knowledge of platforms including Duda, Wix, Wordpress, and Webflow, we can build a website that fits around the bespoke requirements of each client, each budget and project goal.

As clients, staff, future employees get younger and the internet becomes more established, a website has become a browsers equivalent to bricks and mortar, it’s how a target audience understand services and develop trust, this can be used to communicate a unique proposition, or at the very least..A company's credibility and trust.

We ONLY build responsive websites, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, we don’t miss a trick.

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Web Design

Getting it right first time...This is how we bring perfect websites to life:



Our first priority is a telephone call to understand the current position, objectives, and goals for our client. There’s no obligation to proceed, however there is no better way to check we’re on the right wavelength and ready to put forward a proposal.


Our Web Design Proposal

An Inspired Works proposal is produced following our first conversation. Many web designers don’t do this, but we see this as essential, it protects clients and reassures every party that everyone knows what is to be produced, when, and and what cost.


Build Our Understanding

Our web design process begins offline, we prefer to meet face to face, however often a video conference or phone call is more suitable for both client and web designer. Understanding reasons, goals, objectives, and above all our clients business, ensures we will build a website matching, even exceeding expectations.


Content Capture or Creation

For this we have content creating copywriters, or we discuss the content you require on the website and adapt your pre-compiled content to fit.

Following content creation, and if required, we will build your brand, colour palette, typography, the face of your company.


Draft Website Feedback

Regular consultation means no client is ever left in the dark.

Following our initial concept of web design we will present the draft layout and request your feedback, we will continue build or add revisions as required.


Full Website Development

Once we have your confirmation around content, design and structure, we will then move onto the website construction.

We build the front and back of the site, meanings it's beautiful, and also appeals to anything other than a human being. We will optimise for search and will provide SERP meta tags to all pages.


We are ready to go!

This stage will also require us transferring to your new or existing domain, we can handle most of this process, and we also provide hosting solutions where required.

Then we launch, with full migration onto the web...Exciting!