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"Thanks again for the great job you have done with our website and brochure. I feel it gives us a very professional presence online. You did a great job for us.

Tim Parslow - Rubix Probate - Weston-super-Mare
Rubix Probate in Weston-super-Mare Website Mockup

There are a lot of reasons you may be searching for web design in Weston-super-Mare, the small business market in this area is booming with over 90% of businesses in Weston-super-Mare employing under 10 staff, and we are no exception to that rule.

As a local provider of web design solutions, we work with other local businesses as an agency providing digital marketing services, providing a consistent digital service from concept through to completion, web design, to Search Engine Optimisation, and all inbetween.

We build outstanding websites. Have you ever heard the question 'if a tree falls in the forest, and there's nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound?', well, in the Web Design world there is another saying, "a beautiful website might as well be ugly if no-one gets to see it".

A quality website is a must for all businesses, particularly following the change in popular habit since the Corona Virus pandemic. In fact it is said that a user takes roughly 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your website, that 57% of internet users won't recommend a business if it doesn't have a responsive website, and that 85% of website visitors believe a mobile website is more important than that of one on desktop.

There are a huge amount of facts demonstrating good reason to update a tired website, or design one of quality from the outset. But what is the difference between sites, and how do you know Inspired Works are the right choice?

Websites built in Weston-super-Mare, made responsive, fast, and engaging through content.

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First and foremost, as a local company offering local web design in Weston-super-Mare, we are accountable. In this digital age, web designers can be based in cities hours away, or commonly with the digital marketing sector...even overseas!

Accountability only goes so far, with Inspired Works being based locally, we also have the advantage of understanding local markets, trends, consumers, we put time and effort into ensuring we do not just offer a web design solution, but we are also a local agency for digital marketing services from design and build, to branding and paid advertising.

Without exception, all websites designed by our team are build to be fully responsive. What does fully responsive mean? It means we can build websites that adapt to the specific resolution of all popular Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile resolutions, whereas the vast majority of web design companies here in Somerset, certainly in Weston-super-Mare, will build a website responsive and tested on one desktop, one tablet, and one mobile resolution.

Speed! Speed is a buzz word for search engines, the faster the website the better the user experience, and in the 2020's, it's user experience that SEO experts target. We design away from platforms that use heavy code, concequently we develop fast websites.

Content is king! Google have said it, and others are following, if you content is weak, so is the site. We have 4 Content Writers for different tasks, and different clients, we can build local content to Weston-super-Mare, building your website specifically for a local demographic, or internation if required.

All of the above mentioned, Responsive, Fast, Engaging...These attributes are a must for any website looking to increase in the search engine rankings. A beautiful website might as well be ugly if no-one gets to see it!




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