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We are a Webflow Web Design Agency, providing Webflow Design and Hosting solutions.


Because it is the web development platform everyone is talking about, it’s future proof web design!

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What is Webflow?

The most powerful design tool on the internet! Webflow is a browser-based web design tool, unlike a drag-and-drop designer like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace etc, Webflow uses visual design practices powered by HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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Should I use Webflow for my company's website?


Webflow is fast becoming a leading CMS (Content Management System) and Design preference, more digital agencies like ours are moving from WordPress and other platforms because of the huge benefits seen to clients upon website completion. This includes minimal maintenance, minimal down-time, and maximum impact on search engine optimisation.

Does Webflow Cost More?

Like everything with web design, upfront cost is different to project cost.

At Inspired Works we have referred potential leads to many other local web design agencies in Weston-super-Mare. We have a plethora of companies locally that will build a website from circa £500.

Is this cheaper? Not in the long run.

A poorly constructed website can be spotted from a mile off, and these websites will cost sales, reputation, money. That £500 can cost thousands through impacting future business.

There is also the matter of the maintenance cost of a website, due to the self-hosted platform or Webflow, maintenance is minimal, and money is saved.

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Is Webflow Good for Search Engines?

Clean code, none of the heavy bulk that slows down drag and drop websites, none of the plug-ins that keep WordPress sluggish, Webflow is a platform capable of producing ready-made SEO machines.

The added advantage of enabling Inspired Works to visually demonstrate design to clients through the Webflow design platform, getting approval without having to spend weeks on coding the engine room first, therefore getting the domain active sooner rather than later.

Webflow is a platform that gives our website design solutions maximum effectiveness when it comes to achieving rankings in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Where is Webflow Hosted?

Webflow is also a hosting provider. Inspired Works host through Webflow to utilise the AWS (Amazon Web Servers) partnership.

AWS provide hosting with minimum downtime and maximum speed, enabling our websites built in Webflow to benefit from the Amazon CloudFront solution.

This CDN (Content Delivery Network) provides a network of proxy servers which will cache content. The network is globally distributed meaning the servers can host bulky content locally to the website visitor.

What does this do? It means that the time it takes to download heavy content is shorter. Better for the visitor, better for the search engines, better for the client.

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Websites Look Unique.

Perhaps not to the general public, but as designers we can spot WordPress theme a mile off. Our personal favourite is the cleaner Astra Theme, however this theme is currently used by over 1,000,000 websites, that’s a serious amount of websites to dilute the unicity of a home page.  

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